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[Hague, 5644] 

[UCL Spec.Coll. repository, Box no 32 testimonial 250]

[Text Testimonial:]

[Page 1]

Sir Moses
East-Cliff Lodge,

At the time blind fanatism was gain-
ing its dismal victories in other
parts of the world, Albion’s no-
ble sons gave the example of
true liberality, by offering You the
proofs of their sincere veneration on

J. H. Hingman.
[signature under the draw of flower and leaf motif]

[Page 2]

the occasion of your ninety ninth birth-
So we, inhabitants of the Kingdom 
of the Netherlands, who as well 
as those of Great-Britain fully
enjoy the most extensive religious and
political freedom, do not wish to remain 
behind your compatriots in showing You
that, whatever dangers may threaten the
happiness of your brethren, the feelings
of true religious sentiment and genui-
ne liberalism live in our breast.
Three quarters of a century already
Elapsed since your brethren had
The right to look up to You as one
of their most powerful protectors a-
gainst exile and its miseries; as their
benefactor and the champion of their
rights. Half a century ago Eastern
princes bowed to the power of your mighty
word and paid their tribute to your dis-
interestedness and your manly courage.
And yet your powerful influence
Did not exert itself only on behalf
Of the distressed of your own poe-
ple: those, struggling with poverty and
illness those, who were persecuted by

[Page 3]

man’s cruelty and oppression, everywhere
and always all of them were the objects of 
your warmest sympathies. To many des-
pairing, hearts. You were a messenger of
hope, to the unfortunate You brought con-
solation and help. Spitals and Orphan-
Asylums, workhouses and schools, if
a voice were given to them, your name
would resound as that of one of their most
active and intelligent promotors.
The name of Sir Moses Montefiore
Was always a happy omen to Yours truly, 
brethren, yea to all mankind. And
truly your actions were blessed and bore fruit
a thousand fold. Englishman great in learn-
ing, high in rank, mighty in influence
hastened to honor You on the anniversary
of your last birthday, and regarded it not
only as an event in Jewish history but as
an era in that of mankind; and in honoring
You, they at the same time bowed before 
the blessed shrine of true worth and genui-
ne benevolence.
Your wide spread fame has not been 
won on the field of battle, but men
of your standing, spending their
best powers in the cause of religious liberty

[Page 4]

And tolerance, are like beautiful trees,
planted on fructifying waters._ Your
deeds are enregistered in the book of life and
engraved for ever in the memory of gra-
teful mankind.
Allow us therefore to join our congratu-
lations to those of your countrymen
and of so many others._ May the
Lord bless your remaining days with the
greatest boon, granting You to see wret-
chedness diminished, wounds healed and
religious liberty every where recorded, as
the greatest and holiest gift to mankind.
The Members of the Committee.


Jh Enthovent
Mde Pinto J.E. Andries
Jozef Israels
D. de Jong
A.A. de Pinto
L. Simons
A. Teixeira de Maltos

The Hague March 1884

Size: four pages
Material: paper
Specifics script: ink, professional scribe, and watercolours

Colourful leaf and flower ornament motif on the left side of the letter. Decorated initials.
This is the cover letter to the sheets with hundreds of signatures from Arnheim, Assen, Gravenhage, Groningen, Haarlem, Hertogenbosch, Leeuwarden, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Wageningen.