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monarc.archive.02852   monarc.archive.02852 - XML file (2 K)
Title monarc.archive.02852
Creator Maureen Jurkowski
Description Agreement in chirograph form by Abbot Roger (1158-65) and the convent that John de Turbervill may become a monk in the church of Reading, on condition of his quitclaiming certain land [MTD/1/1a]; another agreement of similar nature and date [MTD/1/1b]; grant by the abbey of certain lands to Lenena, wife of Swein Ferling, at farm, 1165x73 [MTD/1/1c]; grant by the abbey, in chirograph form (both parts being sewn together), of a tenement to Richard son of Alured of Herleia, at farm, 1173x86 [MTD/1/2a-b]; agreement of the abbot of Bec and the abbot of Reading rel. tithes of East Hendred, c. 1150 [unnumbered]; grant by Henry, abbot and the convent of Bec to Reading abbey of the tithes of East Hendred in perpetual fee-farm, 1230 [unnumbered]; and 15th cent. copy of final concord between Reading abbey and John Turbervill rel. pasture in Hendred, 29 Sept. 1242 [unnumbered].
Date fifteenthcent,
Date 1158 x 1165 etc.
Estimated Date Benedictine monks
House name Reading
Extent 635
Repository Hendred House, Wantage (Berks.), T.M. Eyston,
Notes Hist. MSS Commn., NRA 6534, pp. 174-9, 184.
Subject Monastic Database
Monastic Archive
Rights Copyright UCL. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England and Wales Licence. For further information on this Licence please refer to:
Identifier monarc.archive.02852
Identifier MTD/1/1a-c, 1/2 a-b, etc.
PID 1501365
Order Benedictine monks
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