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Work relating to St John's College, Cambridge (51)
Other material relating to St John's College, Cambridge and St Thomas's Hospital, London (19)
Student essays and notes (16)
Moral Sciences essays (3)
Material related to the study of mental illness and crime (32)
Work for Peace, War as a Disease and the Pathology of Crowd Behaviour (41)
Problems in mathematical statistics (16)
Differentiating between classes (5)
Statistics in psychiatry and biology (4)
Reviews and obituaries by LS Penrose (7)
Administrative papers and correspondence relating to institutions where LS Penrose worked (25)
Automatic mechanical self-replication (139)
Papers relating to John Burton Sanderson Haldane (16)
Lectures, broadcasts and talks (35)
Papers on psychoanalysis (4)
Papers relating to Penrose's work at Cardiff City Mental Hospital (4)
Papers relating to Penrose's work at the Royal Eastern Counties' Institution, Colchester (4)
Papers relating to Mental Defect and The Influence of Heredity on Disease (41)
Papers relating to the Colchester Survey (9)
Down's Syndrome (42)
Pyloric Stenosis (13)
Intelligence, perception tests and preference testing (43)
Sex incidence in mental disease and genetic sex-linkage (13)
Genetic problems in obstetrics (0)
Notes on shock therapy (0)
Familial psychosis (13)
Inheritance of Huntingdon's Chorea (1)
Biochemical genetics (43)
Genetics in paediatrics (14)
The Biology of Mental Defect (47)
Measurement of fitness (10)
Heterosis, hybrid vigour and genetic equilibrium (14)
Eugenics (27)
Royal Commission on the Law Relating to Mental Illness and Mental Deficiency (8)
Genetical effects of radiation (91)
Parental age and genetic mutation (11)
Penrose's lectures and public works (25)
Outline of Human Genetics (25)
Central nervous system malformation (38)
The "Porcupine Man" (118)
Chromosomes in Man (82)
Dermatoglyphics (32)
Papers on chromosomes and dermatoglyphics (12)
A new treatment for leukaemia (6)
Miscellaneous research notes and papers (71)
Works by others (11)
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