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Papers in Connection with Apparatus and Instruments (5)
Design of Various Scientific Instruments (8)
Papers on Spectacles for Divers (4)
Meteorology (19)
Weather Reporting by the Meteorological Office, London , Synchronous Weather Charts , Cyclones and Anticyclones , Observations of the Height, Direction and Rate of Motion of Clouds , Galton's "Meteorology" for the Encyclopaedia Brittanica , Framed Pastel of the "Great Metior"
The Reader (9)
Notes and Circulars on the Purchase of The Reader , Correspondence
Heredity in Man (385)
Hereditary Genius , English Men of Science: Their Nature and Nurture , Research into Twins , Material relating to Francis Galton's paper "The History of Twins As A Criterion of the Relative Pow , Letters sent following the publication of "The History of Twins As A Criterion of the Relative Power , Papers Relating to Galton's "Inquiry into the Relation between Vigour in the Offspring and Age in th , Newspaper Cuttings Regarding Marriage, Hereditary, and Galton's Work , Inquiries into Birth, Marriage and Death Registration , Papers Relating to the Record of Family Faculties Investigation , "Feasible Experiments on the Possibility of Transmitting Acquired Habits by Means of Inheritance" , Notes on Ancestral Relationships , Statistical Work on Heiresses , A Diagram of Heredity , Papers Relating to the Establishment of the Eugenics Record Office, and Early Research , Index to Achievements of Near Kinsfolk of Fellows of the Royal Society , Noteworthy Families , Investigation into Sequestrated Church Property , Social Stability Ruling Motives , Desiderata in Hereditary Science , Anthropology and Anthropometry , Eugenics
Heredity in Plants and Animals (181)
Moth Breeding and Photography , Artificial Fertilisation of Rabbits , Notes on Hereditary Statistics, Measurement and Population , Evolution Committee (Plants and Animals) of the Royal Society , Heredity and Variation in Plants , Letters Regarding Organic Stability and Regression , Notes on Animal Grafting and Crossbreeding , On the Large Advantage of Bi-parental over Uni-parental Generation , Pedigree Dogs , Pedigree Horses , Pedigree Cattle
Statistical Papers (11)
Statistical Organisation Circulars , Frequency Distribution and the Law of Error , Statistical Shading with Numbers , Probability, Random Numbers and the Law of Error , Research into Jacques Inaudi
Psychometry (205)
Psychometric Inquiries , Data and Correspondence relating to Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development , Written Numerals , Papers on "The Just-Perceptible Difference" , Papers on the Relative Sensitivity of Males and Females , Papers on Risk of Misclassification , MS of "A Scientific Problem" by H Montagu Butler
Photography and Portraiture (250)
Composite Photographs , Drawings of Crania , Silhouettes and Profiles , Photography and Portraiture , Family Resemblance , Miscellaneous Photographs , Measurement by Photography , Reports of the Royal Commission on Horse Breeding , Flick Books and Muybridge's Galloping Horse , Muybridge's Galloping Horses
Fingerprints and Personal Identification (315)
Personal Identification and Description Lecture and Publications , Personal Identification Notes and Miscellaneous Items , Profiles on Gelatine , Jointed Portraits and Lexiconised Profiles , Numeralised Profiles for Classification and Recognition , Fingerprints , Signes Caractéristiques des Professions Manuelles
Miscellaneous Scientific Papers (56)
Notes on Decimal Currency, Tea Making, Value of Gold and Other Material , Stereoscopic Maps , Mosaic Colour Scale , Notes and Correspondence on Types of Maps , Statistics of Smallpox Mortality, Heredity, Geographic Description and Other Material , Reports, Notes and Correspondence Relating to Alice Lee's D.Sc. , Notes on Homing Pigeons and Popular Judgements , Notes on Ripples in Bathwater, Snoring, an Odorium and Other Material , Miscellaneous Notes and Collected Papers , Investigation into Lunatic Cats
Memoirs and Books by Francis Galton (71)
Offprints , Printed Material, Press Cuttings and Letters , Lists and Indexes , Proof copies , Inquiries into Human Faculty , Decipherment of Blurred Finger Prints , Fingerprint Directories , The Art of Travel , Noteworthy Families
Notes from Books Read by Francis Galton (47)
Newspaper Cuttings and Other Printed Matter (35)
Newspaper Cuttings and Other Printed Matter , Forms, Schedules and Printed Matter , Galton Laboratory Offprints
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