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Hereditary Genius (249)
Hereditary Genius Working Papers , Letters Concerning Hereditary Talent and Character , Hereditary Genius Corrections and Additions , Letters Concerning Hereditary Genius , Reviews of Hereditary Genius , Notes and Newspaper Clippings Regarding Hereditary Genius
English Men of Science: Their Nature and Nurture (4)
Research into Twins (13)
Material relating to Francis Galton's paper "The History of Twins As A Criterion of the Relative Pow (10)
Letters sent following the publication of "The History of Twins As A Criterion of the Relative Power (23)
Papers Relating to Galton's "Inquiry into the Relation between Vigour in the Offspring and Age in th (3)
Newspaper Cuttings Regarding Marriage, Hereditary, and Galton's Work (1)
Inquiries into Birth, Marriage and Death Registration (6)
Papers Relating to the Record of Family Faculties Investigation (126)
Compiled Data from Record of Family Faculties Returns, Plus Circulars , Compiled Data from Record of Family Faculties Returns , Forms for the Return of Record of Famliy Faculties Manuscripts
"Feasible Experiments on the Possibility of Transmitting Acquired Habits by Means of Inheritance" (3)
Notes on Ancestral Relationships (1)
Statistical Work on Heiresses (2)
A Diagram of Heredity (1)
Papers Relating to the Establishment of the Eugenics Record Office, and Early Research (12)
Index to Achievements of Near Kinsfolk of Fellows of the Royal Society (35)
Correspondence Regarding Corrections for Index to Achievements of Near Kinsfolk of Fellows of the Ro , Nomenclature and Tables of Kinship
Noteworthy Families (234)
Draft and Blank Noteworthy Families Circulars , Returned "Ability in Families" Schedules , Notes and Statistics Regarding Completed "Ability in Families" Schedules , Noteworthy Families Drafts and Correspondence , Noteworthy Families Material , Noteworthy Families Report and Letters Regarding Corrections , Drafts and Proofs of Noteworthy Families, Plus Letters Regarding Publication , Material for the Incomplete Noteworthy Families Vol II
Investigation into Sequestrated Church Property (4)
Social Stability Ruling Motives (2)
Desiderata in Hereditary Science (1)
Anthropology and Anthropometry (135)
Research into Mental Imaging and Drawing Ability , The Featherman Bequest to the Anthropological Institute , Papers Relating to the Anthropometric Laboratory , Anthropometric Measurement , Draft of Rede Lecture , Programmes for Three Lectures on Heredity and Nurture , Material for Three Lectures on Heredity and Nurture , Proposed Newcastle Lecture on the Physical and Intellectual Characteristics of Man , Inquiry into the Indian Civil Service , Draft Circular for Inquiry into the Permanent Effects of Mental Work , Notes Relating to Marks in Examinations for Bodily Efficiency , Papers Relating to the Inquiry into English Hair Colour , Bertillon System Cards , Research into Head Measurements , "Anthropometry at Schools" , Amherst and Wellesly College Anthropometric Tables , List of Anthropometric Instruments Sent to Oxford , Data Collected at the Anthropometric Laboratory
Eugenics (75)
Notes on Eugenics , Research into Early and Late Marriages , Notes on Natural Selection, the Origin of Variety, and Further Topics , Partial Text Regarding a Potential System of Eugenic Certificates , Donoghue of Dunno Weir, Resemblance and Biometry Notes , The Eugenic College of Kantsaywhere , The Demography Section of the International Congress of Hygiene and Demography , Material Relating to Institutional Care , The Sociological Society , Eugenic Certificates , Notes on Mendel and Profile Measurement
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