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[Los Angeles, 1884] 
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At a Meeting of the Board of Trustees
of the
Congregation B’nai Berith
of the city of Los Angeles, California, held on Monday evening, October 20,
1884, the following Preamble and Resolutions were unanimously
Whereas the Centennial Anniversary of the birth of Sir Moses Montefiore
is an event which we in common, not only with all the members of our holy faith, but with the 
whole civilized world desire in some manner to celebrate, therefore be it
Resolved, that appropriate Divine service be held at the Synagogue in this city on Sunday
next October 26, at seven o’clock P.M. for the purpose of offering up our thanks to the Almighty
God for His infinite mercy in sparing the life of our most illustrious co-religionist,
Sir Moses Montefiore,  
to have completed a century of his existence and our prayers that he may live for
many more years in the full and perfect enjoyment of health and happiness.
Resolved, that we recognize in this mark of Divine favor in permitting
Sir Moses Montefiore to live to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of his birth,
the hand of the Almighty as a reward, that is so eminently his due, for a life
devoted to his religion, to the amelioration of the condition of his people in all
quarters of the globe, so often attended with the greatest possible sacrifice and 
discomfort; and for a philanthropy that that has been almost phenomenal 
in the history of the world.
Resolved, that the life of Sir Moses Montefiore, replete as it has been with good and pious
work, will forever remain a bright lesson and example to the human race. Untold mil-
lions will bless and revere his memory, and history will record his name in letters of gold
as one of the greatest and best men that has lived since the creation of the world.
Resolved, that the Congregation B’nai Berith of the city of Los Angeles hereby extends 
to Sir Moses Montefiore its heartfelt congratulations upon his arriving at the great age
of one hundred years and sincerely hope that our Divine Providence may vouchsafe him
many more years of life that he may still further enjoy the love, respect, and esteem
of mankind.
Resolved, that an engrossed copy of these resolutions be forwarded to Sir Moses
Montefiore, and spread on the minutes of this Board.


H. Siegel [?] Secretary.  
H. Newmark [?] President.

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