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[Buffalo, 1884]
[UCL Spec.Coll. Box 24, Signature: 144]

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To Sir Moses Montefiore, Baronet
In consideration of this – the 100th anniversary of the birth of your Excellency the members of Montefiore Lodge No. I.O.O.B. of the city of
 Buffalo, State of New York, honor themselves in presenting through their Representative Rudolph W. Wolfsohn, Consul of the United States of
 America, to Mannheim, Germany the following Memorial. 
We join with brotherly affection the Hundreds of Thousands of Israelites, who in all Divisions of the Globe with gladsome enthusiasm, celebrate this
 day, and observe it as a festive occasion. 
The name Montefiore which our Lodge has adopted, inspires us with particular pride in view of the rare distinction which Divine Mercy has been
 pleased to vouchsafe to the greatest Philanthropist of the age, in whose character are beautifully blended a pious devotion to the Religion of our
 Fathers and a nobility of heart, which knows neither national nor sectarian bounds. 
We rejoice to-day with all our brethren in the knowledge that the best Son of Israel now living has been spared by Divine Providence to complete a
 Century of human life. 
Millions of our co-religionists in the Old World have during three generations witnessed your peerless heroism in the cause of oppressed humanity
 and enjoyed the fruits of your Excellency’s intercessions on their behalf when their lives were threatened by cruel persecutions. 
The petitions of the rescued and all the members of the House of Israel for long life and happiness to their God-sent Angel have been answered and
 the Scripture blessings promised for the practice of wisdom and virtue [אורד ימם בימינה בש מאולה עושר וכבוד] are gloriously realized in your
 Excellency on this memorable day. Your noble example in the cause of Justice and Benevolence has warmed many hearts to deeds of charity and greatly
 strengthened their attachment to Judaism and the pages of history will record to future generations the name of Sir Moses Montefiore, as the
 illustrious Patriarch of Israel of our times, whose long life was a continued blessing to humanity. 
May it please your Excellency to accept also our felicitations, joined with the fervent prayer, that the Supreme Dispenser of all good may keep you
 for many years in the land of the living in unimpaired physical and mental health – enjoying the unabated love and veneration of your fellow-men
 and the perpetual favor and protection of the God of Israel. 

Buffalo, October 26, 1884
Marcheshvon 7. 5645


Daniel Shire President
E. Fleischman Secretary
Leopold Marcus 
Rev. Dr. S. Falk
Leopold Keiser 
Simon Bergman 

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