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[San Francisco 1885] 
[UCL Spec.Coll., Box 24,  testimonial 119]

[Text Testimonial:]

Montefiore Lodge N° 114

San Francisco March 9th 1885.

Your Committee appointed to draft Resolutions to be sent
to Sir Moses Montefiore Bart, Beg leave to submit 
the following,

Whereas: At the institution of Montefiore Lodge
N° 114 U.O.B., January 29th, 1885, it was adopted that this Lodge
should be known as Montefiore in honor of Sir Moses-
Montefiore Bart and
Whereas: It was also adopted that the name of Sir
Moses Montefoire Bart be added to the roll of membership as
an Honorary Member, and
Whereas: The Almighty God has granted to Sir
Moses Montefiore Bart the joy and happiness of a century’s
age, and
Whereas: His life has been one of greatest benevolence
and philanthropy to all suffering, therefore be it
Resolved: That this action has been taken in view of
these facts that Sir Moses Montefiore Bart stands pre-
eminent in his works and deeds of benevolence and it seems becoming 
in us to recognize this quality in him and honor ourselves by giving 
to our Lodge, which is founded for purposes of benevolence the name
of its greateast disciple, and be it
Resolved: That a copy of these resolutions be engrossed
and sent to Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart.


L. Rue, Secretary		Herrmann Lesser, 

				I. A. Langau		Committee
				Alfred Lazarus
				H.C. Devening

Montefiore Lodge . U.O. of H. No. 114
San Francisco, Cal. 
[Center of Seal with Portrait Montefiore:]
Organized Jan.29, 1885

Size: 35,9x56,6 cm 
Material: ink and water colour on thick paper. Script partly (name MM, beginnings of paragraphs) in colour.
Specifics script: Professional scribe, ornamented, non-figurative hand designed frame in blue water colour, corners red non-figurative medaillons; 
graphic designer signed „S.Thors. 503 Cal:St.“