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[Copenhagen 1864]
[UCL Spec. Coll. Box 18, testimonial: 80]
[Text Testimonial:]

 	As a Secretary to the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries I have the honor to announce that you have at the General Meeting, held this day, been unanimously elected a Fellow and Founder of our Society.
	I am at the same time directed to transmit the Society’s Laws, Reports and Regulations along with the Diploma.
I have the honor to be,
                                                 Sir ,
                                                                                               your most obedient servant
 Copenhagen, Jany 27, 1844                                                                Chas. C. Rafn,
                                                                   Secy R.S.N.A
Sir Moses Montefiore.

22 cm x 27,5 cm;
Two sheets of paper, text written on single page;
Professional scriber;