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[Detroit, 1884]
[UCL Spec.Coll. Box 1, Signature: 4]

[Text testimonial:]

At a meeting of Charity Lodge No. 14
Improved Order of Free Sons of Israel, 
of Detroit, Michigan,
Held in their Lodge Room on October 26th, 1884, the following Preamble and Resolutions were adopted: 
Whereas, Sir Moses Montefiore, the Hebrew philanthropist, 
Did celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of his Birth on October 26th, 1884, at London, England; 
We, the members of this Lodge, wish to send Greeting and to express our Grateful Remembrance of the same by adopting the following resolutions. 
Therefore be it Resolved: 
FIRST. – That we extend to him our most heartfelt congratulations on the event of his celebrating his one hundredth anniversary of his birth; an age, that few men have honor to celebrate, and to live to receive the honors of great nations bestowed upon him. 
SECOND. – That his life rounded out as it is by so many ennobling qualities; always responsive to the call of charitable duty, equal to every emergency, free from assumption and arrogance he presents the most sacred and ideal type of a great philanthropist, we can most respectfully say, in the highest sense, a man without fear and without reproach. 
THIRD. – That the recollection of his many virtues should be held as a legacy more valuable than material wealth, and his charitable services to the poor Israelites; held in grateful remembrance by the people of the United Kingdom of England, Europe, and the great and free country of the United States. 
FOURTH. – Resolved that these Resolutions be placed upon the records of this Lodge, and a copy be transmitted to Sir Moses Montefiore, at Ramsgate, England. 

Leonard Art Pres. 
Meyer Shellfish Vice-Pres; 
Nathan Kuit[?] Sec’y

Pink vellum
single page
ornamental frame 
The size of the letters is suddenly reduced from the middle of the third resolution because of lack of space on the page (!).