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[London, 1884]
[UCL Spec.Coll. Box 25, Signature: 175]

[Text Testimonial:]

Sir Moses Montefiore Bart F.R.S. 
We the W. Master, Wardens and Brethren of the Israel Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Massons N°205 in the Registry of the Grand Lodge of England, in open Lodge assembled desire to convey to you our warmest and sincere congratulations on your completing the One Hundredth Year of a most Honorable and Useful Life. We devoutly pray that G.A.O.T.U. in His infinite mercy may continue to preserve you in Health and Strength and that He may bestow upon you Peace Happiness, and all other blessings to crown a career that will ever be remembered as one of the Noblest and Brightest the whole world has witnessed. 


Signed on behalf of the Lodge this 28th day of October
AL. 5884. A.D. 1884
John A. Gartley W.M 
Cha[???]  [???]yard P.m & Secty

43x 54,9cm
Single page
Professional scribe
Heavily decorated document: ornamental gilt frame, gothic script, first letter of the document including the coat of arms of Montefiore family, and a medallion with the initials of Moses Montefiore integrated as a decoration with the frame.