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[Wheeling, 1884]
[UCL Spec.Coll. Box 24, Signature: 148]

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At a session of the Annual Convention of the Irish Catholic Benevolent Union held at Wheeling, West Virginia, Wednesday, September 24. 1884, 
The Convention unanimously adopted the following Resolutions. 
Resolved, that the Irish Catholic Benevolent Union, in Convention assembled, desires to record its veneration for the honored name and beneficent labors of Sir Moses Montefiore of London whose long life, spent in unselfish labors in the holy cause of Charity, will, in a few days, round the full measure of a hundred years. 
Resolved that we extend to this distinguished Israelite our united congratulations on the length of days which has been vouchsafed him, and our cordial gratefulness for the example he has furnished the world of a head wise to plan, and a heart generous to suggest and a will prompt to extend benefits and blessings to his fellow-man – above all, for a charity so comprehensive that no human misery ever failed to arouse his sympathy and command his aid. 
Resolved, that we assure this distinguished citizen of another land that, amid the numberless felicitations which will mark his hundredth birthday, none more sincere will be presented that these of this Union, Catholics and strangers though we are. 
Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions, suitably engrossed and signed by the President and Secretary, be forwarded to Sir Moses Montefiore on the conclusion of our sessions. 

Martin I. J. Griffin Secretary
A. M. Keiley President

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