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[New York, 1879]
[UCL Spec.Coll. Box 24, Signature: 132]

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[Page 1:]
Young Men’s Hebrew Association of Harlem, 
2291 Third Avenue. 
New York City.  

New York July 1879
To Sir Moses Montifiore London
Honored and Venerable Sir: 
Accompanying please find Preamble & Resolutions unanimously adopted at the first annual meeting of the “Young Mens Hebrew Association of Harlem” in the city of New York on Sunday, June 15th 1879. 
Permit us to express the honor we feel in being the medium through which they are conveyed, and also to inform you that, the members greatly desire your portrait, which looking down upon us, and recalling your eminent example, shall incite us to continued efforts for the accomplishment of the objects of our association. 
We are, honored & venerable Sir, 
With great respect ec.


S. N. Carvalho
J.F.D. Solis
S.P. Spier Chairman

Blue paper (bad quality)
Single page
No professional scribe
Stamp of the association impressed in the paper 

[Page 2:]

Young Men’s Hebrew Association of Harlem
City of New York June 10th 1879. 

The following Preamble and Resolutions
were presented by Mr. S.N. Carvalho and 
unanimously adopted. 

The most prominent among the truly great men in Israel of the nineteenth century, the echo of whose philanthropic deeds resounds through the civilized World is the universally honored and venerable 
Sir Moses Montifiore 
His whole life has been devoted to benevolent actions and the advancement and elevation of his co-religionists. When the crowned heads of Europe through want of tact or diplomatic skill failed to ameliorate and improve the general condition of the Jewish Race, who were suffering the extremes of want and ill treatment at the hands of the barbaric rulers in the East this noble and self-sacrificing gentleman, accompanied by Lady Montifiore dared and endured the perils of a hazardous journey, and with untiring energy and great personal and pecuniary sacrifices succeeded in securing guarantees for their future enjoyment of civil and religious liberty which had been wrested from them by hereditary hate and violent sectarian fanaticism and 
Whereas the Young Men’s Hebrew Association of Harlem in the city of New York, appreciating the sterling character and many virtues of Sir Moses Montifiore, desire to have his name and the records of his life ever before them as a model and example for their imitation and emulation therefore be it
Resolved and decreed that their new hall, devoted to social and intellectual culture be dedicated to his honor and that it shall henceforth be known and designated as Montifiore Hall, 
Resolved that a copy of these Resolutions properly attested and sealed with the seal of this Association be transmitted to Sir Moses Montifiore. 
Board of Directors: 
Elias Goodman, prest. 
A. Benrims [Benrimo?], v. prest. 
S.P. Spier, sec. 
S.N. Carvalho
Ernest A. Levy
M. Summerfield
??? Levy
Philip Baruaro [?]
J.F.D. Solis
?. Meys
E. Landers
M. Mary Treas. 
D.N. Carvalho

Single Page 
Professional scribe
Simple decoration: two lines, one red, one black, forming the frame. 
Red stamp of the Association: “Young Men’s Hebrew Association of Harlem” “Organized June 16 …” (rest is unreadable)