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[St Louis 1884] 
[UCL Spec.Coll., Box 24,  testimonial 131]

[Text Testimonial:]

The undersigned Teachers and Pupils of the B’nai-
El Sabbath School remembering that this is the one hund-
redth Birthday of


whose unshaken faith and strict adherence to God’s holy law have led 
him to deeds that will live imperishable before God and men, send him 
these lines as a token of their great admiration for his beautiful life and
sublime character.
May there be many like unto thee in Israel!

St. Louis, Mo. U.S.A. Cheshvan 8, 5645


M.Spitz, Rabbi.	L.Wolfner	H.Halperin.	J.Ehrman.
Emma Rosenthal	Ada Straus		Fannie Hartmann
Sara Marcus.		Rosa Meyer		Martha Smith
Gertie Gregor.		Rachel Joachim.	Emma Philipson
Carrie Jacobs.		Fannie Rosenbaum.	Joseph Hartmann.
Sarah Rindskopf	Max Reichenbach	Benjamin Baer
Ella Gregor.		Eddie Steiner		Morris Wantuch.	
Adella Kohner.	Louis Benjamin	Bennie Hirschfield
Ida Steiner.		Jacob Kuttner		Abie Schnurmaker.
Rachel Geist.		Sam Rosenthal	Arthur Heymann.
Carrie Levy.		Jacob Meyer		Sam Joseph
Martha Freund.	Moses Hartmann.	Joseph L. Boehm.
Ida Brunswick		Monroe Price.		Max Weinberg
Otto Gutfreund.	Bertha Steiner.	Henry Steiner
Jacob Weisels		Gertrude Hirshorn	Eddie Steiner
Robert Rosenthal	Martha Freund	David Levy
Ikey Epstein		Helena Boehm	Max Schwarzkopf.
Isidor Spitz.		Birdie Rirchenbach
David Brunswick.	Laura Wohl.		Sam Steiner.
Abie Inckenheim.	Emma Kohn.		Louis Kohner
David Lande		Sarah Kuttner.		Jacob Wohl
Rosa Spitz.		Sarah Joachim.	Simon Hirschberg
Flora Brunswick.	Sophie Cohnheim	Siegfried Steiner
Annie Kuttner		Annie Rosenbaum.	Leo Ungar.
Annie Levy		Sarah Rosenbaum.	Gabie Geist.
Lottie Cohn.		Flora Fleischman.	Sam Freund
Josie Adler.		Carrie Baer.		Harry Freund.
Bertha Straus.		Mollie Hartmann.	Alfred Freund

To Sir Moses Montefiore, Bar’t.

Size: 38,3x50,7 cm 
Material: ink on thick paper. text testimonial in black ink, signatures in blue ink.
Specifics script: professional scribe. Significant part of pupils’ signatures by one hand.

1 Rabbi, probably 3 remaining signatures in first line of signatures by teachers, 80 pupils.