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[San Francisco, 1883] 

[UCL Spec.Coll. Box 24, Signature: 120]

[Text Testimonial]

Buai Brith Hall. 121 Eddy Street, 
San Francisco, California, September 20th 1883

Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart, 
East Cliff Lodge, Ramsgate, England. 

Venerated Sir, 
In behalf of Montefiore Lodge, N°51, Independent Order Bnai Brith, I hereby forward you these lines of congratulations upon the occasion of your entrance upon your hundredth year. 
This pleasing duty is performed in pursuance of a resolution of the Lodge which bears your honored name, passed at a meeting held September 17th 1883 instructing its Secretary to send a letter of such purport. 
In executing this direction I am at a loss to express the extent of the respect felt by my brethren for your efforts toward the amelioration of the condition of our coreligionists the world over, for your exalted benevolence and distinguished career, for your unwavering fidelity to our faith and for the noble example set to us all by such a life as yours. I can but echo the wish and prayer of every true Israelite and friend of humanity, that you may live long to continue your good work; that you may find each added moment full of peace, prosperity and happiness, and that the hundredth anniversary of your birth may find you yet hale and hearty, looking forward as ever to new plans of relief for the needy and hope for the afflicted. 
Herewith in token of the sincerity of these sentiments I send you a special invitation in the form of a ticket of admission to an entertainment to be given by our Lodge on the 24th day of October, 1883, in commemoration of the event in your life to which I have previously referred. Wishing that you could accept in person & trusting that you will be present in spirit. 


I remain, with the deepest regards and the most earnest congratulations from these. I represent, 
Yours Very Respectfully, 

L. Jelchoefsen [?] Secretary. Montefiore Lodge N°51 I.O.B.B 

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