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[Wilmington, NC, 1884]

[UCL Spec.Coll. Box 24, Signature: 112]

[Text testimonial:]

Congregation Temple of Israel
Wilmington North Carolina. October 14th 1884. 
To Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart. Ramsgate, England. 
Millions of human hearts beat with sacred emotions at the anticipation of your approaching Anniversary, while thousands of skillful pens are conveying to you the admiration of the world, the veneration with which all races and creeds look up to you, the earnest congratulations welling from the innermost recesses of breasts rejoicing at the bestowal of God’s gifts on your venerable head crowned with the never fading chaplet of incomparable philanthropy. 

כתר שם טוב

Among these, deign to accept the heartfelt felicitations of the Mother Jewish Congregation of North Carolina, and the assurance that all of us earnestly pray that our Heavenly father may continue to shower down upon you His choicest gifts and prolong your days as those of your ancient great namesake, like whom you have many a time jeopardized your life and liberty for the sake of the suffering and the afflicted, the oppressed and the persecuted. Deign also, noble Sir, to approve of the action of our Congregation in employing your celebrated name as a means to arouse sacred ambition in our youth, as was determined upon in our adoption of the following; 
Resolved that at the thanksgiving service to be held on Sir Moses’ Centennial anniversary, a subscription be taken up, the proceeds of which shall form the nucleus for a Sir Moses Montefiore Sunday school prize of the Congregation Temple of Israel of Wilmington North Carolina, to be annually awarded to the most meritorious scholar in the religious department of our School. 
With the highest veneration we take the liberty of subscribing ourselves
Your, obedient servants

Dr. Mendelssohn Rabbi
Sal Bear President
A Weill Vice President 
Henry Brunhild Treasurer
Fred Rheimstein 
[X.X.] Katz
William Goodman               ] Directors
Nath.l Jacobi 
A.H. Kasprowicz 

Macks Secretary  

Lined paper 
Professional scribe 
Very simple document, with small decorations on some letters, and a word that had been forgotten added above one line. 
Blue seal of the congregation with the following inscriptions: “Hebrew + Temple of Israel” as well as “Willington N.C.”. In the middle of the seal are represented a triangle, a radiating eye and the Tablets of Law.