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[Saint Louis 1884] 
[UCL Spec.Coll. Box 24, Signature: 114]

[Text Testimonial:]

פ''ה בעיר זנט לואיס
יום ד'' כד בתבש תשים לשנת ואהביו כצאת השמש בגבורת . לפרט גטם שבת. מוראים ס''ט . אמם . לשליכט
(uncertain meaning)

To our Revered Brother                                                      St. Louis. Mo. November 12th 1884. 
Sir Moses Montefiore, Bar’t.
Ramsgate, England

Last August, we united ourselves in order to fill a longfelt want among our Orthodox Co-religionists and established and orthodox congregation in the fullest sense of the word under the name of Benei Amoonoh. – We prospered and have now about seventy five members. –
On November the second at a regular Trustees Meeting it was unanimously resolved, as a present to your centennial birthday, to dedicate the congregation to you honoured Sir, by adding your valuable name to our former title and now call ourselves
Moses Montefiore Benei Amoonoh Congregation.
We have also taken the necessary steps to be incorporated by this name, as we have never until now applied for a charter. – We trust that Moses Montefiore Benei Amoonoh Congregation will live and prosper till Israel will be gathered from all the corners of the world to worship once more the Most High within the walls of Jerusalem.-
For the time being we are worshipping at a rented hall, and are very desirous to purchase a lot to erect our own synagogue. – Friends are offering us the loan of a sufficient amount to erect a house of worship, payments to be made in monthly installments suitable to our income, provided we can raise the means to purchase a lot free of incumbrance. 
Now dear Sir, we appeal to your well known Generosity to help and assist us in erecting a house to the God of Israel, which shall ever bear your honored name, and we the members thereof pray most fervently our Heavenly Father to bless you and keep you, that for many years to come, you may continue to enjoy the luxury of doing good to us to all Israel. 
חדש כנשר נעוריך ויהי דבר טובותך אשר עשה לישראל עד היום הזה

L.M. Plaut [xxx] Franklin President
Abraham Tuchler Sec’t’y
M. Rosenblum Vice Pres’t
M. Schuchatz Fin’c’l Sec’t’y
L. Storthz Treas. 

State of Missouri 
                                 } S.S. 
City of St. Louis 
Personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the city + state aforesaid, Reverend A. Levy who affirms and declares that he is the Rabbi of the above named congregation and that the statement made above are true and correct. 
Dr. A. Levy
Affirmed and subscribed before me this 26th day of November, 1884. Witness my hand and official seal. 

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