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[Leeds, 1883]
[UCL Spec.Coll. Textile Box 2, Signature: 102]

[Text testimonial:]

Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart., F.R.S.

We the Members of the Pride of Israel Lodge
of the British United Order of Odd Fellows Friendly
Society, Leeds. 

Beg to express the pleasure we feel in congratulating you 
on having entered upon your 100th year. 

We sincerely wish you a still further extension of years, 
and a continuation of vigour, to enable you to enjoy life
and pursue your beneficent labours. 

As your benevolence has been cosmopolitan, and prompted by
a motive to benefit all nationalities, we desire further-
more to express our satisfaction that in every quarter of 
the globe, it has been recognised and acknowledged. 

And lastly, we fervently hope that the Most High will 
bless you in all that your heart can desire. 

Signed on behalf of the Members of the Pride 
of Israel Lodge

Henry P. Levy L.L.D.G.I. Grand Imperial. 
Ormond B.M. Crowther, P.G.I. Secretary. 
William Nicholson Mover. 
Herman Frernd Seconder. 
Nov. 8. 1883

Thin beige leather
Single page
Professional scribe
Text written in many colours (the words “has been cosmopolitan” have been stressed by the use of capital letters and gold colour). 
Vegetal ornamental frame.