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[New York, 1864] 
[UCL Spec.Coll. Box 18, Signature: 84]

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Congregation Shaaray Tefila 
Synagogue Chambers
Wooster Street New York
Nisan 18th 5264 - 1864 

Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart. 
Honored Sir, 
In pursuance of a resolution unani-
mously adopted at a general meeting of our Congregation held
on Sunday last, we have the honor of communicating to you
an expression of the sentiments with which our members, individ-
ually and collectively, regard your return from Morocco, having
under the blessing of Heaven, successfully and completely accom-
plished your mission of humanity and benevolence, in behalf of our
oppressed brethren dwelling in that Empire. 
We feel, sir, that for you there is no gratification so 
profound, so tranquilizing, as the conviction that you have
contributed to the alleviation of the sorrow, the pain, the misery
of human beings so grievously afflicted as have been the 
Israelites in Morocco. And yet, it cannot be displeasing to you
to be assured that your coreligionists in America have watched 
your course and your latest mission of benevolence with an 

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earnestness, a sympathy, and a confident hope that distance 
could not diminish or separation by a vast expanse of
sea and land, render less vigorous or sincere. 
Speaking for our Congregation, we thank you, 
sir, most cordially and earnestly for the good you have
accomplished for Israel’s sake braving, a dangerous and 
painful journey, not regarding personal comfort, not con-
sidering personal sacrifice, to the end that you might 
visit the Emperor of Morocco at his Capital, and secure
justice for the Jewish residents of the Empire, civil and religious
liberty for subjects not of the Mahommedan faith. 
On the first day of the festival of Passover there
were offered up in Synagogue prayers of thankfulness for
your success and your safe return, of earnest aspirations
that Heaven may watch over you in the future, as the
Supreme has dealt bountifully with you in the past. 
In the name of the Congregation Shaaray 
Tefila, we congratulate you on the signal success that has
crowned your noble mission of humanity. 
We fervently pray that the Almighty may
continue to bless you with health and happiness; that 
you may be spared for many years to witness the results
of your disinterested labors for the cause of Israel, the 

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benefit of mankind. 
Accept, honored Sir, the assurances of our individ-
ual esteem and respect, and believe us to be 

Faithfully Yours


Barnet L. Solomon              President
Leo Godfrey                        Treasurer 
Leo [?] Philip 
Siegmund T. Meyer              Trustees 
Rowland P. David 
Myer S. Isaacs                     Secretary

folded sheet
professional scribe
letter without any decoration but with an orange stamped seal New York Congregation Shaaray Tefila 
Founded in the year 5606 (1846) + Hebrew inscription 

General meeting is mandating the board of the congregation to write; notion of space overcome by solidarity.
Congregation still existing: